1969 Ford Mustang

1969 Ford Mustang was available with the restyle model. At that time, the car was received with more heft around the body. The body length was extended and the width was increased. In its history, the car was the first model with quad headlamps both inside and outside the grille. Moreover, it also available with longer design compared to the previous models.

1969 Ford Mustang Design
The car was available with new styling around the car with steel wheels, tail-mounted wing and also chin spoiler while in the rear window it was featured with the deluxe interior such as simulated wood trim, high backed seats, remote sports mirrors and also extra sound deadening. The car designed with the concern on the comfort for its drivers and passengers. Those design features could be found through Mach 1 model. You also could find out the Boss 302 model that was featured with hockey-stick stripes and it got fame on track and street. Other model available in luxury design in the starting in 1969 was Grande. It was available only for the hardtop body style for 1969 Ford Mustang. In this model, you can find out deluxe interior along with simulated wood trim. The next model that offered by the company was Mustang E. It was designed to meet better economy with its fastback special model. There was no air conditioning feature in this car.

1969 Ford Mustang Specs
For under the hood, we have found the detailed information for the Mustang E. It was designed to meet the demand of people to see the high performance car. It was a limited edition that was supported with six-cylinder engine through 4.1 liter 250 cu. The car basically had standard auto transmission with highs tall torque converter support and it was very low. The car was completed with rear axle ratio 2.33:1 for 1969 Ford Mustang.

At that time, there was a new engine offered and it was called Thriftpower I6 4.1 liter 250 cu that could get the output for about 155 horsepowr and this engine filled the gap between the available engine of V8 engine and also 3.3 liter Thriftpower I6. However, the company considered to discontinue with a lot of V8 engine but now the company has revised them to be Windsor engine 302 cu through 4.9 liter that could get the output for about 220 horsepower, FE engine 390 cu 6.4 liter in 320 horsepower, Cobra jet engine 428 cu 7.0 liter with 220 horsepower and many more as the development of 1969 Ford Mustang.

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