Disney Cars 2

The original Disney Pixar Cars movie brought us some of the most remembered and easily recognizable movie characters of modern times. Most children, along with a lot of adults, will be able to name at least a couple of the Disney Pixar Cars characters without hesitation, characters like Lightning McQueen, the newest hotshot racing rookie sensation, Tow Mater, the loveable rusty tow truck, or Mac, the superliner truck who transports Lightning's trailer, these along the rest of the cast of Cars have all become household names around the globe and with the sequel, Cars 2, releasing in 2011, the thrill of the race and magic of the movie is set to take place all over again.

Disney Pixar are keeping a lot of the plot to the Cars 2 movie pretty close to their chests, but it is thought that the movie will centre around two of the main characters from the original Cars movie, Lightning McQueen and Mater, who travel around the world to take part in a new race, the race of champions, which is due to take place over five different race circuits in five different countries, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and Japan.

The remaining Disney Pixar Cars characters from the original movie, characters like Sally Carrera, Radiator Springs' attorney and Lightning's love interest, Doc Hudson, the towns judge and previous winner of three piston cups, sheriff, the mercury club coupe police car, Luigi, Guido, Filmore and Sarge to name just a few, we feel, will accompany Lightning and Mater as the pit crew and helping to keep the pair in line, and it is believed that at least one new character by the name of Finn McMissile is to be introduced and who knows, hopefully we will be introduced to a lot more new Disney Pixar Cars characters.

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