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The Cost Of Muscle Car Restoration

This is a question that I get all of the time; what is the cost of a muscle car restoration. The problem with giving a definite answer is that there is no way I can do it. First of all it's not like collision repair where you have a complete system of parts and the times to install them.

Along with general times to repair certain parts of the car. There are just to many factors involved in restoring the classic car, or muscle car. There is no way to simply add times to do certain processes, and install parts.

In a restoration you will be repairing, or replacing most of the parts on the car. It's not just body repair and paint, it's mechanical repair, electrical repair, interior repair, it is not one parts of the car but all parts of the car.

The only way to know what needs to be done on the car is to inspect it first, then start the tare down process. At this point in time the work has already begun on the car, and you have a vested interest to complete the project.

Believe me what they tare your car down to inspect the parts of it and determine what needs to be done, they will find a lot of things to fix. That is what a restoration shop does for a living, they find things that need to be restored, and they restore them.

You need to be prepared for anything that might happen during the restoration process. The cost of a muscle car restoration depends on the extent of the repair work that needs to be done. The price goes up the more that they find to repair.

They might even have to hand build parts for your car if they can't locate them. This is a time consuming process if it needs to be done. In most cases you can find the parts in the after market; these days most parts are re-produced.

I can't explain to you the time involved in bending custom brake lines, and fuel lines to perfectly fit a restoration, or custom car project. There is so much to be done, and in areas that you can't possibly see without tearing in to the car.

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