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There is nothing worse in the summer than the hot Texas sun beating down on your car. The temperatures can rise to over one hundred degrees in your vehicle. The hot temperatures can wear down the engine faster, fade the paint on your car, and make it unbearable to sit in until the air conditioning cools it down. Having cold A/C is a necessity if you live in Texas because of the hot, humid summers. Here are some tips for keeping your car cool in the summer.

These tips are especially helpful if you do not have air conditioning in your car, truck, or SUV. The first tip which anyone can follow is to park under the shade, even if you do have air conditioning. Parking under the shade rather than the direct sunlight can make a big difference. Being under a big shade tree can cool the temperatures ten to fifteen degrees or more. Even a small amount of shade is better than no shade at all. Finding shade can be difficult sometimes and most trees are on the outer edges of a parking lot. You may have to walk further to an entrance, but when you return to your car the cooler temperature will make the walk worth it.

Another free tip which any vehicle owner can use it to crack the windows open a bit. Doing this can help to ventilate your car instead of having steam or hot air build up in your car. The windows on your vehicle have the same effects of a green house. Opening them up will allow more air to be let out of the car. You should only crack the windows open a small amount because you do not want your vehicle vandalized. If you are afraid of your car being broken into, there are other tips to help keep your car cooler in the summer.

Having some type of cover on your windows to block the sun is another great tip. An inexpensive way to cover your windows is to buy a sun shade. You can find sun shades in different colors and materials, and all are great for blocking the sun. If you want something more permanent that can block the sun while your driving is to have your vehicle windows tinted. This is more costly then purchasing a sun shade but it is a wise investment. You can have your windows professionally tinted or buy at home tinting kits.

When you are not driving your car and if you are at home, you should park your car in a garage. Garage parking is always better than parking on the street or your driveway because it protects your car from sun and other weather elements. Parking in a garage will keep your car cool until you are ready to leave your house.

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