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Cars of The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

The smash movie "The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift" hit the big screen around the world with a serious bang. It was definitely the head turning combination of action packed drifting, attractive girls and the hot collection of cars of The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift that made it an instant hit.

Lets take a closer look at the cars of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.

Modified performance cars are seen throughout, from start to finish. There are anything from full Japanese drift cars ready for competition to the highest rank of show quality modified cars.

If memory serves me well, there were a couple of American muscle cars such as a Viper and and old ____ right at the start. Then shortly, the scenery moved to Japan where we were sprayed with all types of Japanese performance drift cars.

The cool thing about the movie was that the cars of The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift actually held as much of an important role in the movie as the real human actors. The main character car and most memorable was the orange and black Rx7 FD with Veilside body kit. This was their cruise car they used to chase and be chased. It eventually ended up in a burning pile of rubble.

There there was the villain car, a black Nissan 350Z driven by the girls by the Japanese Mafia's nephew was out to show who was boss only to be beaten by a RB26 powered Mustang fastback.

And how could we forget the girl's car? The sky blue and black Mazda Rx8 driven by a high school girl played by actress Nathalie Kelley. Even though this was supposed to be the girls car, we can't say the Rx8 is 'girly'. Mazda Rx8's make great drift cars.

With an all-star cast of cars in The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift movie, it's a must see for any drift racing and Japanese modified car fans.

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