2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Release Date

Alfa Romeo Giulietta has started its debut at Geneva Motor Show 2003 as the concept and the last model will be the answer to battle with Audi Q3. Today, the car is addressed to grow the sales for about 500,000 units for few years. At this time, the company expects that the car could be the best big seller on the market. It means that the company will design it as the integral part and it is the main concern.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Design and Specs
Some of the designs parts of the car have been revealed with some photos. As the SUV car, it will have the new rear. Moreover, the company will add four-wheel drive through Giorgio platform. With this platform, it is not surprising if the platform is the key for the company’s strategy to give the traditional root of the car into rear-wheel drive without sacrificing its handling finesse and also its beauty.

 At this time, its enthusiasts are waiting its coming in order to come as the larger SUV design so it could battle with Audi Q5. If the car could be available with larger design, it means that the car will have wider cabin and enough space for the leg and head room especially among the rear seats. We have heard that the company will only plan to build the car in Italy and its coming will be followed with the next generation of Mazda MX-5 but it will be built in Japan. There is no further information about the exterior parts around the car includes the details and the changes so we only could wait it now.

Speaking about the engine, Alfa Romeo Giulietta has high possibility to come with new engine options with better output to give higher speed performance. We don’t know whether the company will offer hybrid for this SUV since the demand at this time is about the hybrid. For sure, the regulation of emission today is very tight, and we believe that it goes tighter in the next 2016.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Release Date and Price
For your information, the car will be available to go on the market in the late of 2015. Speaking about the price, we think that the company will give competitive price since their main concern is about increasing the sales target even though it could be said that the look would be very luxury for Alfa Romeo Giulietta. 

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