2015 Aston Martin Dbs Design

Aston Martin Dbs is quite known well on the market. In 2013, the car was heavily camouflaged to extend its life and carrier but today lately we have no seen the car yet for 2015 Aston Martin Dbs. The heavily camouflaged car in that year was undergoing for cold-weather testing in Sweden. But, it is not the generation as we thought. It is totally a new DBS with some significant panels and sheetmetal.

Aston Martin Dbs Design and Engine
Based on the history of the car, it is introduced as the part of Aston lineup in 2008. It means that in 2013, the company should offer the car with complete redesign after five years old on the market. For sure, the enthusiasts are suffering to wait its arrival. There is a recommendation that the car should keep the aluminum VH architecture from Aston Martin. At that time, the car is issued with enlarged and pushed front fascia. The grille is totally new and it is far away from its signature. Moreover, Aston Martin Dbs has slimmer LED running light with larger vents.

Speaking about the engine, it is said that the car will be powered with V-12 sonorous that could get the output for about 550 horsepower. The transmission is a bit murkier with six-speed manual to support the engine. It is expected if the car could be available for 2015 since the company still has a lot of time to plan and schedule the arrival of the car. For 2015 model, hopefully the car could keep its character with new look around the exterior and interior. For the engine, it would be great for the company to offer optional engine types so that it gives more options for the enthusiasts of Aston Martin Dbs.

Aston Martin Dbs Competitors, Release Date and Price 
It is reported that the car has great rivals on the market such as Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and also Mercedes-Benz SLS MG. We heard that the car will start its debut before the end of that year with higher price tag. It is said that the starting price for the car is for about $270.000 and it got the significant face lift through the extra of 40 horses by Aston Martin. Since the car came out with many changes, for sure it is no wonder if the car has higher price compared to the previous model of Aston Martin Dbs.
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