1967 Pontiac Gto

1967 Pontiac Gto as American car was produced by Pontiac General Motor. For its first debut, the car was designed as classic muscle car. Moreover, it also offered with various models for its carrier. The car was introduced as the racing car and at that time the company promoted its reputation as racing car was the first priority. With this capability, it was no wonder if people got its attraction.

1967 Pontiac Gto Design
At that time, the car received some new changes around its style. It was offered with covered tail louver to replace its eight lights and each part will get four. You could find out GTO emblems placed around the rear part of its fenders and it was moved to the chrome panels. The pure split grill was newly changed with the shared some chrome. 1967 Pontiac Gto came out with three body models such as hardtop, convertible and also sports coupe.

1967 Pontiac Gto Specs and Safety
For under the hood the car was presented in tri-power carburetion system as the change and it was replaced with four-barrel Quadrajet carburetor. It meant that the car came in Tri-power option. The larger cylinder bore could come in 389 with 4.12 inches and 104.7 mm as the total displacement for V8 6.5 liter 400 CID and it was offered with three model engines in 400 cubic inches such as economy, standard and high output. Moreover, you could find out new cylinder head that as changing the valve angle to accommodate straighter combustion so it allowed the larger valve. With this displacement, of course it could improve the loss of horsepower because the car could eliminate the Tri-power carburetion. For economy engine version, the car could get the output for about 255 bhp with two-barrel carburetor compared to the Rochester Quadrates with the power of 397 lb-ft at 4400 rpm. For the standard engine, it could get the output for about 335 bhp with the highest torque from 441 lb.ft through 500 rpm. The highest engine output could be found through high output model that could generate for about 360 bhp with 438 lb-ft of torque at 5100 rpm and 3600 rpm. For Californian market, the company added Emission controls. Speaking about the safety feature, it is available with energy absorbing steering wheel, four-way emergency flashers, non-protruding control knobs, padded instrument panel and also optional shoulder belt. The company also offered two-speed automatic transmission and it  was replaced with three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic feature for 1967 Pontiac Gto.

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