2015 Hyundai Sonata Review

Hyundai Sonata is coming again as the 2015 model and the car is ready with more refined design. It is good news for the fans since the car has been designed with larger cabin. It is said that the car is coming with brief design but still inherit the look of its predecessor. As the midsize sedan, it has new look that is expected to get more buyers.

Hyundai Sonata Design and Specs
Hyundai Sonata is reported to come with bold exterior that would never make you regret through its conservative lines and the car will follow the Equus sedans along with Genesis. The car has roof line with longer and wider dimension. The interior is quite spacious for about 2 cubic feet. It is also has comprehensive chassis that could give better handling. In this version, you will find out SE, Sport, Limited and Sport trim levels. The new features offered in this car includes automatic high beams, advanced cruise control for complete stop when the traffic is heavy, and there is also hands-free trunk opening. Other new features for the safety are blind spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision alert and also lane departure warning. For the standard, there is smartphone, Bluetooth, music player integration and also Hyundai’s Blue Link service application connect. There is Apple CarPlay that is integrated with iPhone, Siri voice command functions as the infotainment system. Inside the cabin, you can easily find out 8-inch touchscreen that able to record song from your favorite satellite radio. 
For the spec, you can find out four-cylinder 2.5 liter with 185 horsepower as the output while the sport 2.0T will have excellent turbocharged four-cylinder engine 2.0 liter to produce for around 245 horsepower and also 260 pound-feet of torque. The engines are both mated with six-speed auto transmission for the car. At this time, we only expect the company could give more options with better fuel consumption since we don’t know yet about the rating and acceleration for the Hyundai Sonata. 

Hyundai Sonata Release Date and Price
For your information, the 2015 model of Hyundai Sonata will be available on the market in this summer. The car will be sold that is not too far from its previous model that is for about $21,350. At this time, we only could suggest to wait the official information in order to make everything clear if you have a dream to purchase the car.

2015 hyundai sonata 2015 hyundai sonata review

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