2015 Hyundai Genesis

It is true that we have seen the prototype of Hyundai Genesis and the photos are floating and suddenly it is a hot topic to talk. The car finally is coming for its official debut at Detroit Auto Show, 2014. The Korean company has created the new model and some details around the engine are available now. As the second generation, it has dramatic style which is inherited from the first generation. It is no wonder if this car will be available with new luxury look and completed with elegant safety features that works well for the competition even though the improvements are still minor.

Hyundai Genesis Design and Release Date
Hyundai Genesis is designed with some unique features you will love such as Smart Trunk that is working in automatic way as the opening system. The lids pop will open after keeping the range for about three seconds. It also has Google Glass app that able to start the car, lock and unlock the car and even showing you the place where you parked the car. This car is quite luxurious because the safety features. Forward collision warning, emergency breaking, lane-departure warning system and adaptive cruise control could be found in this car. Not only that, but the Hyundai Genesis also will complete you with blind-spot warning, head-up display, automatic high beams and also cross traffic alert. Inside, you also could enjoy the premium navigation system through high definition screen 720p 9.2 inches supported with 64GB solid state hard drive. 17 speaker and 900-watt Lexicon stereo is offered too. For the standard, you can find out eight-inch screen navigation with 14-speaker Lexicon audio system. A better handling and quality are presented through five-link multilink layout front and also the 18 or 19 inches of wheels are offered with the support of eight-cylinder. For the dimension, the car has 2.9 inches longer compared to its predecessor and the height is higher for about 0.2 inch. The release date for the car will be started in this spring.

Hyundai Genesis  Specs and Price 
For under the hood, we know well that the car will carry V8 and V6 from its predecessor and the standard will be available with V-6 3.8 liter down through 22 horsepower and better 2 lb-ft from the total of 311 horses and also 293 lb-ft torque output. The V-8 5.0 liter is optional and it could get the output for about 420 horsepower and also 383 lb-ft of torque. Both of them are offered with eight-speed auto support. Speaking about the price tag, the company will start for under $40,000 of Hyundai Genesis.  

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