2015 Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse has been known well since the first built around 2008 and the car is coming as the 2009 model. It is said that the car has been upgraded several times. The improvements and enhancements are available for each model year. Three years ago, it is said that the car has significantly improved in the term of selling. It is no wonder if the popularity of this car is quite rising. At this time, the 2014 model said to come with the exterior and interior changes. It is not surprising if for 2015 model, the car will not be redesigned.

Chevrolet Traverse Design
Speaking about the design, it is basically is created in order to cover the market demand for the family SUV. It has seven or even eight seats so you can choose it. The car has full size design and it could support the demand of large cargo space. Not only that, but it is also reported that the car will have four doors. It will be built with the same platform as the previous model. For the color palette around its body, the car will get expanded design but it is not too rich. Furthermore, the Chevrolet Traverse also has available wheels for around 17,18 and also 20 inches as the option. Around the rear, the car will have two exhaust pipes depends on the level of equipment. Inside, you could find out 6.5 inches of display with Bluetooth, DVD and also satellite radio support. It also will be completed with rear camera. The optional seats are offered with heating and cooling. You can place bottles and cans for drinks in refrigerated box. The car has a high feature of safety as the same as the predecessor.

Chevrolet Traverse Specs and Release Date
it is quite interesting if the car will get upgraded engine called V6 3.6 liter that could get the output for about 288 horsepower with auto transmission 6 gears as the complement. The front-wheel and all-wheel drive are offered. This new version is completed with start and stop system so it could increase the economy. About the release date, the car has a high possibility to start the sales in fall. At this time, it is reported that the price tag could be for about $31,000. For sure the price tag is quite affordable because the upgraded engine, improvements around the exterior and interior and great features for the safety system for Chevrolet Traverse.

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